Prayer List


Church – Praise that next week we will be having a baptism; Jimmy and Joyce Walker’s oldest grandson, Walker. Praise that Parks and Ina are back safely from their trip to South Dakota.
Matthew – Prayers for continued healing for Kim’s wrist. Prayers for Terry as he travels out of town on a business trip.
Veronica – Praise, Grandparent week at Round Top Carmine Elementary School was a success. It was a blessing to see several grandparents from the Christian Fellowship come have lunch with their grandchildren.
Missy – Praise, it rained!

Church – Pray for our country, military families, and our leaders.
Ina – Pray for Parks’ for a good doctor report and for safe travels on our trip.
Tommy M. – Praise that my brother, Joe, is going to Honduras to drill a water well in a community close to a school. Joe’s ministry is to specifically teach children and families hygiene and good health practices. 


Matthew – Prayer for Barbara’s son Andy, suffering mild injuries after being assaulted because he spoke out to defend a woman who was being abused by a man in a convenience store. The man was arrested.
Veronica – Praise for members who volunteer with the afterschool program. Please consider being a volunteer. . . that God has blessed many members with abilities to tutor the students who are struggling in math and reading.

Missy – Pray for the firefighters and for rain! 
Jerry – Praise for Parks’ letter to the editor of the paper.
Rinn – Praise that my wrist is healing well! Thank you for the prayers!
Terry – Thank you for the continued prayers for Kim’s wrist to heal in its place. She has another appointment this Tuesday to X-ray the progress.


Matthew – Pray for Kim’s continued healing for her broken wrist and for her bones to go back to their perfect places.
Praise, this is the 15th year of the Afterschool Program. We started in 2008. This Wednesday, the 23rd, we will be having a parent meeting, orientation at 5:30. 
Veronica – Prayers, George McKenzie’s father, George Sr., has been in the hospital since August 9th. So far. . .Doctors are unable to find out what is going on to help him.
Praise, Mom having a great time in Kentucky with family.
Karen – Prayer for Hawaii fire tragedy. 

Terry – Thank you for the prayers for Kim and her broken wrist. Praise that surgery is not necessary. Please continue to pray for her pain to subside, the new cast to have been done properly, and the bones to mend together in their proper places as God intended with no loss of range.
Veronica – Prayers for the children starting school Wednesday and for the After-School Program and families.
Matthew – Pray for the country.
Nedra – Pray for the people in Maui, Hawai’i.
Veronica – Praises for a wonderful 79th B-day for Mom (Junell). Her whole family was together in KY for a special, full day!
Matthew – The Afterschool Program will be starting back up August 16th, as school starts back in session.
Prayers for all the details involved in carrying out this ministry.
Prayer for Kim Z.’s wrist to heal in the correct place and for no pain.
Sara M. – Praise and thankful for the Afterschool program. This is a special opportunity for the children that will have an impact on their lives into adulthood. It is the main reason my family was led to this church. . .  in order to see and meet the people behind this program.
Mark – Prayer and Praise – The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (who we financially support) is sponsoring a Prayer Service for the new Giddings ISD new superintendent.
Ken – Praise  – Sarah and Benjamin have a new baby girl, Lucy Joy.
Matthew – Unfortunately, Kim Z. broke her wrist. Please pray for healing, no pain, and for her wrist to go back to the correct spot.
Susan – Continued prayer for my friend who had a liver transplant. Praise that he is doing better than expected!
Church – We pray for everyone’s safety in travel.
Please be in prayer for our preparations in going back to school and the After School Program “Standout”. Parents are already calling to make sure their children can come. 
Matthew – Prayers for everyone’s safe travel. So many are on vacation.  
Praise that the Staff training ( Friday) and the Children’s Day Camp (Saturday) went well yesterday! (16 kids and 10 staff)
Pray for the trade business people like Kevin who are swamped this time of year in this heat. 
Missy – Please pray for the brother of a friend, Mark H. who has blood pressure issues.
Susan – Praise that Bill went home earlier than expected after his liver transplant. Please pray that he continues to do well with Physical Therapy  and heals well. 
Linda – Please pray for our son-in-law’s health (Michael) who will be flying to New Mexico to take care of family business. 
Raelynn – Please pray for a friend, Darla, who went in for an EKG and was sent directly to the ER and now has had multiple mini-strokes. They have her in an induced coma in ICU in Cypress. 
Susan – Please pray for Bill who had a liver transplant. 
Karen – Pray for those affected by the excessive rains in Vermont.
Veronica – Praise for the Summer Camps with the kids. Pray for ours this coming Saturday morning, July 22nd.  
Rinn – Prayers for my incoming guests. 
Matthew – Many may know that the movie “Sound Of Freedom” is playing now. . . This movie is about the international children slave and exploitation traffic.
Everyone is encouraged to see the movie and I have found the online interviews with Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard to be most informative. 
Search the movie title and their names.  Many sites will come up. Tim Ballard is the federal agent Jim Caviezel portrays in the movie.
Rinn – Praise, daughter back from London. Also, prayers for a new business venture.
Mark Johnson – Continued prayers for daughter Christi, finding correct medication to help with symptoms of lupus.
Linda S. – Praise for July rain.
Matthew – Thankful for all of our travels with our families. Pray for all those traveling and all the school kids to have a fruitful summer!
Susan – Thank you for the prayers for Jennifer’s back surgery. Please continue to pray for her healing. Also, Joaquin and Georgi are in Alaska. 
Rinn – Please pray for my dad, Gordon, who will turn 94 on the July 7th. He took a fall and hit his head, so please pray for healing and my travels to go see him soon.
Matthew – Prayers for Jenn and her family as they spend time in NH.  
Also continued prayers for all the school children for a safe Summer time!
Veronica – Pray for the right person to help us with the afterschool program as the director/coordinator of the program starting this Fall. 
David – Gary’s father passed away recently. Please pray for their family. 
Nedra – Please pray for Sarah. She’s had a cough/cold. Their baby is due in July. 
Junell & Veronica – Please pray for Peace and Comfort for the Radenz, family, specifically Lisa and Marissa, whose mom/nana went to be with the Lord this morning (Sunday). She retired last year from Round Top-Carmine ISD after 48 years of service with the children.
Mark – Please pray for our country, leaders and schools. Also pray for those traveling and a renewal and refreshing for Matthew.
Church – Praise, Pastor Matthew is on vacation out west with his daughter and granddaughter. Prayer for a safe and refreshing trip. As well as prayers for safe travels for all those traveling.
Rinn – Prayer for her son, Nick, and Tori. Prayer for the Holy Spirit to guide their lives.
Church – Let us remember D-Day and the soldiers who gave all in fighting for the freedoms that so easily can be taken for granted. We pray for all of our service men and women. And all those who give their lives daily to protect our lives and our freedoms.
Matthew – School is out, so please pray for the safety of all the children and their families. 
With Memorial Day weekend here, we remember all the Veterans.
Pray for those of us traveling. 
Rinn – Thank you for praying for my children! I see God working in their lives! Victoria is doing well in London. Nick is doing well and maturing. Please pray for him to grow in the Lord!  
Ken – Remember all the soldiers who lost their lives for our freedom! 
Veronica – My brother had a unique opportunity recently where he was able to visit with a Vietnam Veteran. 
Missy – Please pray for Tommy’s brother who is traveling to San Antonio to see his son, Clint, and prayers for Clint because his organs are shutting down.
Please pray for me as I travel to Nacogdoches and then travel with a friend to Frisco to see another sweet lady friend of ours whose memory is failing. 
Matthew – Praise that the Hispanic church that meets here weekly had a ladies event on Saturday, and the men were teaching the children while the ladies had their time in the Lord!
School has ended and we will be in prayer for the safety of the children and their families over the summer! Pray for everyone traveling!
Susan – Please continue to pray for my sister-in-law, Jennifer, to heal quickly after her recent surgery.
Veronica – Praise for all those graduating! One family who the dad had a heart transplant 5 years ago had two graduates…their youngest daughter and a son getting his Master’s Degree!  The family knows their strength comes from God!
Linda – I did a lot of talking with one couple this past week about how the world is right now. Pray for all of us…THE Church…how to pray in a world gone crazy!
Matthew – The Cyber Essentials Workshop held here Tuesday evening was a success. We partnered with the Round Top Library and Fayette Co. Sheriff’s Department. We will be doing this class again, as well as other informative classes.
Church – Happy, Blessed Mother’s Day to all Mother’s. We pray all mom humbled themselves to God’s direction in their life. . .By all our children and family are blessed.
Veronica – Praise. . . the After School Program high school staff ministering in Sunday Worship. Evan has been the keyboard player for some time and we were all blessed by him leading the Praise and Prayer time during Sunday Service.
Susan – Prayers for sister-n-law, Jennifer, who is having back surgery.
Karen – Praise and thankful for Round Top Church.
Sabrina – Praise that our daughter, Lexi, is doing really well.
Bonnie – Prayers for daughter, Christy, who is unable to take meds for Lupus. Prayer for effective treatment.
Matthew – It’s the last 2 weeks of school and students are amped up. Prayer that they hear God through the busyness and noise.
Jenn – This Tuesday night, May 9th, Cyber Crime workshop being held here at the church. Prayer as this is an opportunity to work together as a community to further protect our children.
Matthew –  Praise for those that are traveling and have returned safely!
Missy – Thank you for the prayers! Although. . .  with its challenges, we have returned home safely after a wonderful trip!
Junell – After Charles Stanley’s passing, to remember his words “to leave the consequences to God”.
Rinn – Praise for everyone that stayed and participated in the MS150. Pray for one person who  broke 2 ankle bones.
The Zimpel Family – Please pray for the Abeyta family after the passing of oldest son (28).  
Ed – Praise, had a treatment for heart condition (a-fib) which went well and feeling much better.
Rinn – Prayer, daughter in England had to rent a manual car because they did not have automatic. She’s never driven a manual. Getting lessons soon. ~ Also, MS150 is next weekend. Prayer for everyone’s safety.
Judy – Pray for her sister-n-law, Sandra, who lost her husband in October.
Matthew – Praise for the opportunity to share the church for citizens of Round Top to come hold a forum for public meeting.
~ Also,  Tuesday, May 9th, 6:00 PM, in partnership with the Fayette Co. Sheriff’s Office and the Round Top Library, we will host a Cyber-Safety Essentials “Protecting Our Children From the Internet Crime” class held here at the church.
Matthew – Please be in prayer for an upcoming meeting on May 9th to bring public awareness to cyber safety and how to protect children online. 
Matthew –  He is Risen! Praise that we are all here! We are Blessed with our freedoms and Blessed to be in Texas!
Matthew –  Praise that we found a good construction company and the bus barn is underway. 
Veronica – Praise for the beautiful wildflowers everywhere! Praise for the afterschool program and everyone who is involved! 
Rinn – Please pray for Benjamin and Sarah who have decided to have their baby before they leave for the mission trip (to attend language school). Please pray for healing for Sarah’s skin as well.
Candy – Praise that our youngest son, Scott, after hard work and effort, has been accepted into A&M for a ‘Construction Science’ degree. 
Judy – Please continue to pray for our friend, Harriet Ewing, as she is in a medical trial that could eventually lead to relief for her back pain. Last Friday, March 31, a neurostimulator was temporarily taped to her back (for five days). Hopefully, the device will work well for her, and she’ll soon be able to have one permanently inserted just under the skin to provide more long-term relief.
Matthew – Pray for everyone’s safety due to antique fair in the area. And for everyone’s work to be prosperous! 
Veronica – The afterschool program is going well! Praise also that the school audit went really well this past Thursday! 
Rinn – Grateful for Karen and Missy managing all the beautiful plants here at the church!
Sara – Praise that Brooke’s loose tooth finally came out! 
Evan – Corina went on a mission trip and said it was amazing to see so many people come to Christ!
Susan – Alice who had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer passed away last week. Please pray for her family and friends.
And. . . continued prayers for Tori who has Stage 4 cervical cancer.  
Matthew – Pray for our country. Praise for the prayer time we have together here and also pray for everyone’s safety during the fair.
Veronica – Pray for the State inspection on Thursday. Pray for the teachers and support staff in the school. 
Susan – Please pray for Alice and Tori who have been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. 
Rinn – As many in the community knows, Lee Ellis passed away, so pray for Melissa. And . . . I saw the movie ‘Jesus Revolution’ (Playing in Brenham) and it was good!
Mark – Please pray for our daughter, Christy. Her white cells count is low, so she has an appointment tomorrow with the doctor to see what is happening. Pray for good results and simple solutions. Sara – Please pray as we get a second opinion on Nicholas’ ortho surgery. Also please pray for me as I witness to an 81 year old customer, who had a heart attack.
Matthew – Jennifer and Eva, along with some friends, flew to New Hampshire, so please pray for their safe travels.
Linda – Please pray for the antique fair and safety for all!
Matthew – We live in challenging times with people of all ages trying to figure out what is true. Many of us are grandparents, so we not only pray for our grandchildren. . . we pray for our older children in their 20’s to 40’s!
Kim – Thank you everyone for all the love, support, cards and prayers for us! Thank you!
Sabrina – Thank you for the prayers for our daughter, Lexi. Please continue to pray for her to get closer to Jesus and embrace HIS love and what HE has for her life!
Marsha – The Round Top Antique Fair is coming this month! Pray for the Lord to let us be the Salt & Light! Prayers for opportunities to witness Christ and even baptize people!
Announcement – Congregation meeting February 26th, Sunday, after church service. Vote for Trustee positions. 1) Linda Suggs, re-elect 2) Jimmy Walker, filling vacant position.
Judy – Continued prayer for our Military and our nation’s leaders.
Karen – Prayer for young friend, 13 years old, struggling with anorexia.
Matthew – Praise – For community working together to support our students through the RT-C Education Foundation fundraiser.
Praise – that the Lord lifts us in our times of need. We continue to lift Kim, Terry and Lindsey up in our prayers.
David – Pray for leadership in our country.
Judy – Continued prayers for our Military.
Ina – Prayer for her upcoming cataract surgery.
Marsha – Prayers for her elder brother (Carl – 82) who is near the end of his life and for his salvation.
Mel – Thankful for freedom to have and carry a personal Bible after living for years in Saudi Arabia (and Islamic Country) were he could not do so.
George – Prayer for our country, our communities and the world.
Rinn – Thankful for precious message given at recent funeral. And continued prayer for Kim, Terry and Lindsey Zimpel.

Veronica – Prayers for Mrs. Dana Polasek, high school teacher at RT-C ISD, lost her husband at home Friday night due to a health problem.
Sara – Prayers for teacher Bonnie Pesch’s nephew, Dustin, continued healing after automobile accident.
Missy – Prayers as we all remember the Zimpel family this week.
Judy- Prayers for continued healing for little girl who was hit by an automobile. Also, pray for father and sister who were with her.
Suzanne – Praise for the successful Chili cook-off. Library fund raiser. Good turn-out, great chili weather.

Barbara – Praise for new grandbaby 1 week old.
Judy – Prayer for friend Katie’s 3 year old daughter, hit by a car in parking lot. She is showing improvement.
Sabrina- Many praises, Todd’s birthday, their anniversary, and Todd was offered a new carrier opportunity.
Nedra – Prayers for the preparations and travel for Sarah and Benjamin as they prepare to move to Indonesia as missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).
Matthew – Continued prayers for Kim & Terry and Lindsey Zimpel. Their daughter Tiffany passed away.
Prayers for our Round Top community member Julie Wantland. . . whose husband, Lundy, passed away this past week.
Kim – Pray for our oldest daughter’s health, Tiffany. Also for Susan’s who has had a cough.
And prayers for her sister-in-law, Jennifer, who is in rehab recovering from back surgery.
Matthew – Praise that the school program has started. Pray for the school administration.
Rinn – Pray for Gil to draw closer to the Lord. Pray for one of the members of the church who needs healing after a procedure.
Also, pray for Candy’s daughter, Meredith, who fell from a horse and broke her leg.
Matthew – Praise that Lindsey is feeling better. Pray for Tiffany Z. to overcome her kidney and liver issues. Pray that she leans on Jesus! Thank you!
Bill has an upper respiratory infection. Pray for his wellness.
School and the Afterschool program are starting back this week. Prayers for the teachers and all the staff involved in carrying-out this ministry.
Pray for missionaries and military and their families.
Rinn – Praise for Junell and Veronica’s safe travels during very cold weather. Prayers for all those in the northern U.S. still dealing with harsh winter conditions.
Candy – Pray for my daughter, Meredith, who was thrown from a horse and dislocated her knee. Prayers that she’ll heal quicker than the doctors expect.
Veronica – Praise that the children had a memorable Christmas.
Matthew – Praise that Benjamin and Sarah of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) worshiped with us Sunday.
We continue to pray for them as they continue their preparations as they are to leave in a few months for the mission field.
Linda – Please pray for those traveling like Veronica and Junell.
Pray for their trip home next weekend…that the weather won’t be a problem for them traveling back home.
Pray for those that have lost loved ones this past year.
David – Please pray for those in the military deployed and their families during the Christmas season.
Rinn – Praise for all the rain!
Suzanne – Praise that we traveled safely to and from TN to get our grandson, Jason, and bring him home for Christmas!
Veronica – Lots of Praises! It’s going to be a busy week at the school! Please pray that God’s message gets through!
Kim – Please pray for all the children receiving the Samaritan’s Purse-Operation Christmas Child boxes! We had 40 boxes total that we sent from here, and they are all going to children in Columbia!
Sarah – Please pray for the RT-C Jr. and High School students that are performing at Festival Hill on Thursday night at 6:30pm. (no ticket required – please join us, if you able)
Nedra – Praise that Kendall and Sarah are safely here. Prayers for Benjamin who is traveling next week. They will all be at church next Sunday, Lord willing!
Susan – Please pray for Neal who has severe back problems, for his healing and pain relief.
Matthew – Pray for the missionaries and our military and their families.
Matthew – Pray for our upcoming budget approval. This 2023 budget includes new staff (Youth Outreach Director) for the Stand-Out program.
Prayers for those families in our area who lost a family member recently.
And pray for those who have been injured in automobile accidents.
Pray for safe travels for all.
Danica – Pray for us at school and our mom and dad at work.
Rinn – Praise the Lord for the rain!


Matthew – Continued prayers for all our missionaries. Benjamin and Sarah of Mission Aviation Fellowship will soon visit us. They will leave for their mission area in the new year.
And continued prayers for our children. Please pray for all those traveling.
Jimmy – Please pray for our son-in-law’s older sister, Callie, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.
Rinn – Please pray for Peace for Becca and salvation for Nick and Ali, as well as Tory’s career change, and prayers please for the big group of guys that are coming from Louisiana.
Susan – Please pray for a friend who is having a heart catheter put in on Monday and has some other health issues. Also, thanksgiving for the beautiful Fall foliage that has emerged for us to enjoy!

Veronica – Please pray for a family at the school whose dad was killed in a car wreck .
Mark – Praise that one of our granddaughters in Tyler was baptized.
Judy – Please pray for safe travels for everyone traveling for Thanksgiving and to be truly grateful!
Jerry – Praise for Pastor Matthew’s birthday! Please pray for the blood drive too.
Danica – Please pray for us at school to do well in our classes and to be safe.
Missy – Praise that our 4 grandchildren were all safe after the announcement of an “Active Shooter” on their school campuses.

Tommy – Pray for our Veterans and their families.
Lindsey – Please pray for the McGowan family that are going to Ukraine with New Song Int’l. to advocate for orphans and vulnerable children.
Danica – Please pray for us at school.
Sara – Thank y’all for the support, especially Pastor and Veronica, this past couple of weeks.
Kim – Pray for the children receiving Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes



Linda – Praise for the rain!

Veronica – Praise that Hayley is here this morning with us! She will be starting a new job this week as a dental hygienist assistant.

Junell – Please continue to pray for our son’s pastor, Gary, who is struggling still with an incident that happened to a church member a few months ago.

Matthew – Praise that God opened the opportunity for all of us to witness our faith.

Please pray that others will receive the One True God’s message.

Susan – Please for my niece’s family, Liz, whose mom passed away last week from breast cancer.

Ken – Praise that we were able to go to Benjamin and Sarah’s MAF graduation. They will officially be going to the mission field on Jan. 20th.
Harriet – Praise that our grandson, Joel, is safely back from Kenya.
George – Praise Brooke is better and a family member who had surgery this week.
Carol – Praise for Bill’s baptism today!
Gary – Praise for my 97 year old mom, Annabelle’s, improvement from pneumonia.
Rinn – Praise that Pam got through her surgery well.
Tommy – Praise that family is here and more will all be here for Thanksgiving!
Matthew – Please pray for my witness to a man I met at the grocery store. We will meet again Monday at 11am.
Rinn – Prayers for sharing our beliefs and for our guests this week, and please pray for my sister, Carey.
Marlin – Please pray for Sonya who had a hip replacement but came home and broke her leg.
Gary – Please pray for my 97 year old mom, Annabelle, who has pneumonia with fluid around an enlarged heart.
Kim – Please pray for Gene and Carol’s daughter, Amy, whose cancer has returned.
Susan – Thankful for successful chemo treatments for Lavine and for Guy’s PSA levels being back to normal range after starting medication .
Lindsey – Please pray for the Mangum family whose mom died from cancer this week. It was the day before her 61st birthday. While they definitely know she’s with Jesus, please keep them in your prayers for Peace and Comfort!
Matthew – Praise for the Stand-out Program being instrumental in the children’s lives! Please pray for the first responders and all the people involved in the antique fair for this next couple of weeks.
Candy – Praise for Missy’s piano skills and for filling-in with the music for us!
Junell – Please pray for my cousin’s husband, Donald, who is in serious condition. He had an artery replaced then got a blood clot, but has not awakened since Thursday.
Judy – Please pray for my brother-in-law’s wife, Sandra, and family. Larry passed away this week.
Matthew – Praise for the delightful one year old birthday celebration event yesterday!
Gene – Please pray for Carol as we wait for bloodwork results and the doctors try to understand what happened. Her slurred speech has improved.
Veronica – Praise for the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child boxes and the lives touched by this ministry around the globe!
Veronica – Praise that my mom is here this morning with us and feeling better! Please pray for my brother’s church, Millcreek Baptist, and the pastor who are all going through a very challenging time.
Marsha – Please pray for extra grace for us locals (shopkeepers) this month to be faithful and share the gospel whenever God gives the opportunity to us!
Linda – Please pray for Florida and the Carolina’s who have been affected with the hurricane weather and especially those who have lost everything.
Matthew – Praise for the afterschool program ministry where everyday small conversations are impactful and can be meaningful to the children.
Rinn – Praise for Pastor Diehl and the Spanish church that’s coming here!
Ken – Praise that Benjamin and Sarah have graduated from the current ministry program and will be going to Idaho for the next part. Then they’ll go back to Minnesota to pack to move to Indonesia sometime in January probably.
Judy – Please pray for my brother-in-law, Larry, and his wife, Sandra. Larry is in the hospital with health struggles due to Parkinson’s. He needs to go to a rehab center for approximately twenty days, beginning Monday, the 3rd.
Matthew – Continue to pray for those who have contracted Covid.
Gene – Praise for new visitors, Kim and Kathy. Please pray for Carol to feel better.
Roy – Prayers for Tracy’s mom, Gwynn’s health issues, and pray for rain!
Diane – Prayers for my 90 year old parents in Arkansas, Gene and Elizabeth, who have heath issues.
Matthew – Tommy and Kathy went to Austin- Kelsey is soon to deliver her baby! Pray for all to go well! [Update….. Baby “Boone” was born at 11:36 PM on the Lord’s Day in the 2022 Year of Our Lord – September 18.]
Jenn goes to the doctor this week anticipating to be released to walk. Please pray for good results!
Kim – Please pray for my cousin, Curtis, to believe the Lord for healing…for the Lord to dissolve the roots of the brain tumor. The doctors cannot do anything more for him. Pray for his wife, Barbara, too.
Susan talked with Ruby recently, so prayers for her ministry.
Kathy – Praise! We were honored to visit our niece, Victoria, who is a freshman at Baylor. Pray for her as she enters this new part of her life…adjustment and for safety.
Linda – Praise that we finally got a major issue with our computer fixed.
Veronica – Lots of praises this week, but still please pray for my mom and aunt’s healing from the car accident, and, also, my Aunt Jean’s cataract surgery.
Mark – Thank you for the prayers for Bonnie. Six weeks after hip surgery she is doing better!
Marsha – Please pray for healing for Janet S. whose appendix ruptured.
David – Please pray for the 911 responders that are still suffering and dying from that event…and pray for their families.
Ed – Praise that the library sale went well! Thanks to everyone that helped!
Veronica – Praise that our car accident wasn’t worse. My mom and aunt and were only shook up a little.
Rinn – Pray for the British Empire. Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96.
Matthew – Praise that we have the afterschool program and a great relationship with the public school system here.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to help children become good citizens in the Lord!
We are called by God and used by God!
Continued prayers for Jenn as she heals from her broken leg.
Bonnie’s blood counts are up, so that is good.
Linda – Praise for the rain!
Danica – Please pray for my mom to be well and not have seizures that can cause her harm.
Candy – Praise for our cruise adventure to Canada and Greenland. The ship even had a Bible study.
We were able to hear a choir in a different language at a church that was a Blessing! God is at the far reaches of the earth!
Church – Pray for our country, military and military families!