Prayer List

Matthew – Prayers for the safety in activities and travel with families and their children  over the summer months!
Susan – Tuesday is my pump surgery. Prayers for everything to go well.
Also, my brand new car was rear-ended when we were 5 minutes from the place to swap out my hand controls to the new car.
Praise that everyone is okay, but please pray that the other person’s insurance will process everything quickly!
Zaccai – Everybody to have a good day! 
Mark – Pray for my daughter’s friends/neighbors that had extensive damage in Tyler, TX from the last storm and expect it to take months to fix everything! 
Candy – Praise that Corina is here today and that we have two new singing voices this morning!
Kim – Please pray that my blood sugar levels balance, and I can eat enough to gain positive weight each day/week!

Susan – Praise I was able to replace my car that was damaged in hail storm and continued prayer for my health.
Veronica – Praise to see Corina. And praise to celebrate with all the high school graduates as they step out on their own.
Prayer and Praise as we plan a summer outreach for kids and families. Friday June 21st, 5:00pm. All are welcome.
Matthew – Prayers for safe travel for everyone this Summer.

Matthew – School is out! Pray for the children and their families to have a safe summer!
Praise – Ed is out of the hospital! Prayers for a speedy recovery!
Praise that Chris is healing well! Prayers for continued healing!
Veronica – Prayers for the kid’s summer pre-prep of the activities here at the church. The first night will be June 21st…maybe 5:30pm…? More to be announced soon!
Ken – Our Missionaries (Benjamin and Sarah Porch) we support are with Mission Aviation Fellowship serving in Indonesia. Sarah’s parents are visiting them for 3 weeks. Praise they arrived safely after a 36 hour journey!
Kim – Susan’s pump replacement was canceled at the last minute. Prayers that it will be rescheduled soon. The problems with her left hand is carpal tunnel. Meeting with hand surgeon postponed until June. Praise! She found another car! She’s hoping to have the hand controls switched this week! 
Jerry – Praise for Parks sending a letter to the editor and standing for Christianity.
Matthew – Prayers for Susan. Due to the hail damaging her car, they totaled it. Pray for her to successfully find another car.  
And pray for her medical procedure this week to be successful so she will be able to get around much easier!
UPDATE: They canceled her surgery, but she’s not sure why. She will contact the doctor. Pray for God’s timing on everything! She may be able to get another car by the end of this week.
Praise God for Chris’ heart procedure!
Veronica – Praise the Lord for school ending well with fun activities and field trips! This is the last few days, then summer break begins the end of this week!
Jeanie – Please pray for Ed E. He had open-heart surgery and has been in ICU 3 days.
George – Thanks and praise that my dad, George (79), who broke his ankle in 4 places is healing quicker than the doctors imagined! 
Prayers for those without power. Praise the Lord keeps me safe on the roads everyday!
Candy – Thanks for the prayers for me and my overcoming bronchitis. I am almost better.
Sara – Prayers for Nicholas’ safe trip home today from San Antonio.
Linda – Prayers for all the graduates that are going out into the world!
Sherman – Our nephew, Alex, is getting better and is finally able to take a driver’s test. Alex’s mother accepted the Lord and her confirmation was today at her church.
Chris – I am better from a heart aneurism and heart attack last week. Praise that I am here today!
Matthew – Pray for Christopher as he recovering from a medical procedure.
Veronica – Only 8 days left of school! Prayers for everyone at the school and all the year-end events for students and staff.
Rinn – Please pray for Susan’s car to get fixed quickly (after the hail storm’s extensive damage), and for God to work-out everything needed going forward for her surgery appointment on the 21st for her pump. 
Karen – Prayers for safe travel!
Matthew – Praise the Lord for the rain! Praise that Sherman is back home safe from his travels!
Jerry and Jeanie – Please pray for our friend’s son, Shay (45) who is struggling spiritually and physically. Pray that he will come to Jesus. He is in an alcohol rehab facility.
Rinn – Praise the MS150 went smoothly! 
KJ – Please pray for peace and comfort for Kayla and her husband in Del Rio who lost their 4 year old son to a tragic accident that had a piece of an 18 wheeler hit their car.
Kim – Please pray for Susan’s side and her hand. Her surgery for her pump replacement is the 21st. She is also going to see a hand surgeon about her hand. 
Veronica – Praise my brother is here for our family reunion!
                       Please pray for Ken’s friend, Doug whose lungs are giving out. 
Evan – Please pray for my grandmother (on my mom’s side), Graciella. Doctors say that she has the worst case of dementia and Parkinson’s disease. 
Bonnie – Praise that our daughter’s report came back benign cysts. 
Susan – Praise that the trial of medicine was positive, so next step will be surgery to replace the old pump.
Karen – Pray for Israel!
Kim – Please pray that my mother, Valerie, in England’s blood sugars to level-out, and she can go home from the hospital. 
             Prayers for my sister, Damaris, traveling here and her stay with us. Jesus to be glorified!

Barbara – Please pray for my daughter, Karen, and her family in Israel for safety.
Ken – Prayers for a friend who has a mass on his lung.
Bonnie – Please pray for our daughter, Melissa, who will have an ultrasound this week to determine a mass on her breast. 
Rinn – Please pray for safety for the MS150 bicyclists next weekend.
Matthew is writing an academic paper on exposing Islamic law and other atrocities. Pray that the general public becomes more informed.
Praise for afterschool program, and Sarah and Benjamin our MAF missionary family. Sarah had good health report on skin concern. Praises!
My neighbor’s Dad, Brock, is facing serious illness. 
Susan – The Botox shots in my legs seem to be helping slightly.
Please pray that my test with the Bacoflen pump that got moved to Tuesday will go well.
Pray for safe travel in Austin traffic to and from for the doctor appointment that morning. 


Matthew – Continue to pray for the children! Praise that I met with 30 other pastors last Tuesday about our afterschool program and the influence it has on local children.
Pray that they will implement programs like ours. 
Susan – The shots in my legs haven’t helped yet, but in the 2 weeks there hasn’t been any adverse effects either.
I go for another procedure on Tuesday. Please pray it is successful.
Also, prayers for my left wrist that is giving me problems. They will see what they can do for that and my arm and shoulder.
Linda – Praise the attacks on Israel weren’t successful. Niece in Israel says they are fine.
Rinn – Praise the church is growing!
Candy – Praise for Veronica and Lindsey and their work in the Children’s ministry!
Veronica – Praise that another student from the afterschool program has grown into an incredible adult and getting married soon, 
Mallie – Praise that my two good friends are getting baptized today! 
Guest – Praise that we’re all here to worship and praise the Lord together!


Mel – Thank you for all the prayers! I got the ‘all clear’ from the doctors!
Nedra – A friend’s grandson, Finn, (12) was riding his bike with some friends in a multi-level parking garage, and Finn flipped from the 3rd floor and landed on the ground floor. Praise he doesn’t have a spinal injury or brain damage, but he has several broken bones. He just came out of Intensive Care. Please pray for his healing.
Susan – Please pray for me this week as they increase the medicine and that it goes well.

Missy – Praise that Sophia and Harper will be baptized next Sunday!
Rinn – Praise that the Lord protected me in all my travels in spite of a car that malfunctioned soon after I was in it!
Robyn – Please pray for the replenishing of the food bank. 
Zaccai – I hope that everyone had a good Easter!



KJ – Praise! My (42 year old) friend got baptized last week!

Jimmy – Prayers for the owner of the company I work for, Louis, who is not well.

Mel – Please pray for Lawrie who is suffering from pancreas issues. 

Missy – Continued prayers for the Harris family…Caleb is still missing…

Jerry – Prayers for my cousin, Carol, who has entered hospice care.

Susan – Please pray for my knees and wrist pain that I’ve been having.


Matthew – Praise for the rain!
Sherman – Praise that Alex is here after brain surgery and has not had any seizures! Thank you for all the prayers! 
Missy – Please pray for my friend’s son, Caleb, who has been missing since March 5th from near the A&M campus in Corpus Christi, TX. 
Mark – Please pray for all those that were involved in a school bus accident between a (Hayes -S. Austin) school bus and a concrete truck. One person died. 
Rinn – Praise that antique fair is almost done. Pray that people drive safely!
Alex – My mother, Sarah’s birthday is today! I love her so much! I hope she has a wonderful birthday!


Mel – Praise! Good doctors and fast healing! Everything is on track! I’m doing great since my surgery! 
Guest – Thankful our children are here and our grandchildren!
Linda – Praise for rain…but not too much!
Matthew – Praise for safe travels over Spring Break, and prayers for children going back to school!


Matthew – Spring Break is this week! Pray for all the children!
Please continue to pray for Mel’s recovery. 
Barbara – Please pray for Israel!
Kim – Praise that Terry’s sister went through her defibrillator procedure fine and is healing well!
Praise, also, that we were able to chat with my mother (Val) in England. Pray that she’ll continue to be careful not to aggravate her rib or toe, and she will heal quickly.
Karen – Pray for ranchers in Panhandle who lost everything! Donate to help them if you can.   
Matthew – To donate to Samaritan’s Purse go to this link and look for the U.S Disaster Relief. They have pictures with the named areas of relief for you to choose. It is easy to navigate.


Matthew – Praise that Bill and family are transitioning well to Round Top!
Continue pray for Mel, as he recovers from a recent medical procedure.
Mark – Praise! Mark son doing well and over covid which  seemed to be a milder version.
Veronica – Praise! Spring Break is next week!
Terry – Please pray for my sister who is having a heart defibrillation procedure tomorrow.


Matthew – Praise that Mel’s surgery was successful. Pray for his quick recovery! Praise that Ken is back and feeling better!
Mark – Please pray for my son, Clayton, who has covid.
KJ – Please pray for the mom and family who visited last Sunday; she has covid.
Kim – Please pray for my mother, Val, in England. She has fallen 3 times and has a broken rib and a broken toe.
Please continue to pray for my arm and wrist to have full range of motion.
Please also pray for my friend, Misty, who is trying to find a nice assisted living facility (covered by her Medicaid) for their ‘Grammy’…Miss Pat.
Please also pray for Susan and Marlin who both have covid.

Mel – Please pray for my  surgery this week to go well.
Zimpel’s – Pray for Lindsey who is under the weather.
Nedra – Pray for Ken who is home today and not feeling well.
Church – Praise for teenagers/afterschool staff movie night.
Prayers for families raising children.
Prayers for our country and those who serve.



Missy – Praise for the rain!

Nedra – Today is Veronica’s birthday! Praise the Lord for all she does for the community and the church.

Matthew – Pray for the ministry of the mission Spanish church.

Mel – Praise medical tests came back with good report. Pray for my upcoming surgery.
Rinn – Thank you for the prayers for me and my daughter as we traveled to Paris!
Also, please pray for my neighbor’s dad, Joe (54), who has leukemia and not expected to live long. 
Jerry – Praise that Jeanie and I are celebrating our 57th anniversary today!
Matthew – Praise for the Education Foundation Gala fundraiser! Be in prayer for the November election to keep money in our school district. At present the I.S.D. is not able to hire a needed Science teacher and other things!
Veronica – Praise that mom, Junell, is back…since Thanksgiving! Her ankle is still healing but the walking boot was removed.
Candy – Praise! We went on a 15-day cruise to the ends of the earth…Chili, Argentina… and found many good Christians and churches wherever we went!
Suzanne – Praise for community events like the chili cook-off! Prayers for upcoming RTC Education Foundation fundraiser.
Matthew – Praise for the rain! (You can find rain and flood information at the LCRA website.) 
Missy – Please pray for travel mercies for Rinn and her daughter who are traveling.
Veronica – Mom will get her boot removed on Tuesday. Please pray for a good report.
Mel – Please pray for good results on my PET scan on Tuesday.
Matthew – Praise for the Afterschool program and kids!
Todd and Sabrina – Praise for 20th wedding anniversary
Veronica – Prayers for Susan who has a sinus infection, as well, she had treatment on her legs Tuesday. Prayers for positive results.
Kim fell and hurt her back. Feeling better but pray for continued strength and healing.
Prayers for brother Larry who broke his little finger at work. Prayer for proper healing.
Church – Prayers for those in the church with health concerns.
Prayers for Sara McKenzie, postal, and other essential workers who must continue their work despite the weather.
Prayers for our military and nations leaders.
Matthew – Thankful for our American Founding Fathers and all Americans who have lived before us who made the sacrifices that affords us the life we now live.  Pray for America’s students and educational staff as they start the Spring semester. 
Kim – Please pray for the insurance to be fair and not continue to be deceitful regarding Terry’s car (that was rear-ended). Please also pray for us as we approach the anniversary of Tiffany’s passing on the 10th. Thank you. 
Susan – Please pray for my appointment on Tuesday. The doctors are giving me shots in my legs to help, which we’ve tried previously. Please pray for all to go well and for good results this time! 
Mel – Please pray for my continued medical testing this week to be clear.
Rinn – Praise that a friend received a clear report on cancer!
Mark – Praise for the rain!
Veronica – Travel mercies for my brother coming here.
Jenn – Please pray for safe travels tomorrow for us flying to the East coast.
Matthew – Pray for all the afterschool children that are out of school for the next couple of weeks.
Sherman – Our nephew, Alex, had 20 electrodes (brain implants) to help monitor his seizures.
George – Praise God for God! Please pray for my family! My cousin passed away; the funeral was yesterday. He was on trek as a Christian, but fell away and became a devoted Muslim. Please pray for his family to be open to the Lord!
Veronica – Praise that my brother was here visiting! Prayers for mom as she waits for her boot to be removed which is scheduled for Jan. 23rd.
Marcy – Prayers for our country and for people to wake-up to the evil that is all around us.
Janet – Since our nephew, Alex (25 years-old), had his seizure treatment surgery, he’s had two seizures coming from the same area of the brain, which is a positive the doctors say. 
Mel – Please pray for me as I will have medical procedures to understand what is happening with me.
Matthew – Our afterschool program is a Blessing and a Praise! The children are out of school for the next couple of weeks. Pray for safety for all their families and to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!
Mel – Please pray for my brother, Lindsay, in Virginia who is having a medical procedure done.
Veronica – Mother is healing well…continued prayers for her ! Also, Nedra’s neighbor here, Jan, passed away. Please pray for Jan’s family and friends.
Kim – Please pray for Al as he travels to El Paso today.  (Update: Al arrived safely at almost midnight. 
Rinn – Please pray for my unsaved friend in Austin who actually mentioned ‘Heaven’ in a conversation. Her mother (Alice) has covid, so prayers for her healing please. 
Guest – Please pray for our 25 year old nephew, Alex, who will be having a very involved surgery to help him not have seizures. They will drill several holes in his skull, and he will be in the hospital 10 days. 
Matthew – I’m healing well. Thank you.
Kim – Continued prayers for my arm, hand and wrist to regain full function. Prayers for Al as he travels to California this week and back and then to El Paso this weekend.
Veronica – Continued prayers for my mom’s healing please. Please pray for the people that had horrible damage from the tornadoes in Tennessee which was really close to my brother. 
Rinn – Prayers for my sister Gillian’s son, Hoy, who is making career choices – for God’s will! Also my sister Carey’s safe travel to Sicily.
Linda – Please pray for my sister, Barbara, who tripped and fell. She’s really sore.
Nedra – Please pray for Ken’s right arm to heal.
Jenn – Please pray for my grandparents, Harold and Rita’s health issues. 
Matthew – Healing well…thank you for the prayers.
Sarah – Praise and prayers for the RT-C elementary school’s Christmas children’s program at the Carmine Hall.
Kim – Continued prayers please for my wrist, arm and fingers to have full range of motion! Thank you! Prayers for us too while Al is here through the 16th please.
Matthew – Pray for safe travels for everyone returning home. Please pray for my in-laws’ (Harold and Rita) health. 
Terry – Prayers for everything to be all right after my car accident. 
Evan – Please pray for my grandma (Bonnie) who tripped over the Maltese dog on Thanksgiving Day.
Veronica – Please pray for my mom, Junell, whose sprained ankle is not a sprain but a fracture. She’s trying to get around on a knee scooter.
Matthew – Praise! Thankful we are all back together again!
Kim – Please continue to pray for my wrist, arm and finger’s stiffness to diminish and full function of my hand to return. Also pray for our time with Al. He is back from overseas and wants to help us with sorting through Tiffany’s things.
Karen – Prayers for my nephew, Eric, who started a prison ministry.
Mark – My brother (71) passed away from a heart attack, so please pray for his wife, Paulette, and their 3 children and the whole family for Peace and Comfort.
Veronica – Thank you for praying for my mom’s sister; the surgery went well. Please pray for my mom; she fell and sprained her ankle and also twisted her knee and wrist.
Chris – Please pray for my friend’s son, Greg, who went to Japan for a Student Exchange Program but now has a possible brain bleed. Please pray for healing and the proper care over there.

Jenn – Pastor Matthew is doing well! He has a check-up tomorrow/Monday and Tuesday.
Harriet – Pray for a safe and easy delivery for our grandson’s wife whose having a baby today!
Ken – Praise that Sarah, Benjamin and the kids made it to Indonesia. They will be in language school first for about a year. 
Chris – Praise that Pastor Matthew is doing well. He has a doctor’s appointment on the 14th.
Junell – Please pray for my sister, Jean (87). She has mouth cancer, and they will be doing surgery on the 17th.

Mark – Prayers for Matthew.
Kim – Praise that we’re here today, and thank you for all the prayers for my wrist! Continued prayers for the stiffness to go away, and the full use of my right hand, wrist and arm returns.
Gene – Please pray for Amy, our daughter, who is going through cancer (& chemo) for the 3rd time. Please also continue to pray for Carol to fully recover.
Ken – Please keep Sarah and her family in your prayers as they make final preparations to go overseas in a couple of weeks.
Terry – Please pray for Kim’s hand swelling and stiffness to diminish, so she can gain full function of her arm, hand and wrist. 
Sara – Praise for Jr High boys and girls winning first place in Cross Country competition.
Rinn – My dad, Gordon (94), passed away in his sleep Tuesday night. Praise the Lord that I was able to talk to him about Jesus which he responded to!
Praise that a friend’s grandkids were safe from the shooting at the Dallas Fair.
Junell – Pray for safe travel for the boys, Larry and William, coming here for Friday Night Sing event.
Ina – Please pray for our safe travels to Weatherford, TX next weekend for our granddaughter’s wedding. 
Ken –  My long-time business partner (Joe – 83) died on the tennis court, which is what he loved to do.  Pray for family and friends at the time.
Candy – Pray for everyone caught-up in the conflict in Israel.
Terry – Praise that Al made it to England to visit Kim’s mother. Pray for his safe return.
Continued prayers for Kim’s right wrist (arm and hand) not to be so stiff and no loss of range or motion. Thank you!

Matthew – Praise for the afterschool program!
Terry – Thank you for the prayers for Kim’s wrist. Please pray for complete healing!
Veronica – Please pray for Bill’s health issues. We are blessed to have Bill mow the church property.
Please pray for the upcoming ‘Friday Night Sing’, Oct. 20th from 6-8pm and my brothers traveling here and leading the evening in music! 
Ina – Praise for Park’s new pacemaker!
Junell – Please pray for my sister with mouth cancer.
Sherman – Praise for new grandson, Jack!
Rinn – Please continue to pray for my dad’s (Gordon – 94) salvation! He is making statements that are positive about God.
God is putting people around him where he is living that are discussing the Lord with him.
George – Pray for my Uncle Ray who has back issues and financial issues.
Linda – Thank you for the prayers for my brother! Praise that he made it home safely!