Prayer List


Matthew – Praise that my daughter, Jennifer, will be moving here this summer with her family…husband, Kevin and daughter, Eva.  

Joaquin –  Praise that our son and his family (and extended family) are back safely from their trip covering the southwest U.S.!  Prayers for the AMEN ministry in La Grange. We will help in the bigger building tomorrow morning, but it’s still open to the hot temperatures. 

Judy – Garrett is improving, but still please pray that his leg can be completely saved. 

Please pray for all those traveling and for our school children this summer…to have a safe and fun time! 

Please pray for our country and leaders and military.



Joaquin – Thank you for all the prayers for our visit with our grandson, Joaquin.

He is a Sargent now in the Army stationed in Ft. Hood. We enjoyed a 4 day weekend with him!  He is doing very well!  

David –  Remembering, June 6th is the 77th year since D-Day. Thankful for our military. Continued prayers for our military and their families. 

Jerry –  I know a judge who survived D-Day, but his fellow servicemen did not. Prayers for him and all the families.


Matthew – Prayers for Tommy and Kathy traveling, and please continue to pray for their son-in-law, Gabe, for complete restoration of his memories.
Kim –  Praise for Mila June getting to go home yesterday!
Judy – Garrett H. was transferred to a Houston Rehab, so please pray that his leg will be saved.
Ed – Our grandson, Jason, has been transferred to a wilderness training program and is doing really well. He appreciated all the cards and phone calls. 
Please pray for our children to be safe over the summertime, pray for our Country and Leaders and our military.



Kim – Praise that a sweet acquaintance, Trang (young lady at the tea shop we frequent), is having her first child…a baby girl…on Tuesday! Prayers for everything to go well, because they’re delivering Mila a little early than her mid-June due date because of some challenges. 

Joaquin –  Praise that I finally got results from the doctors that the polyps they tested were fine.  Also, praise that our grandson, Joaquin, is now at Ft. Hood. He is being quarantined, but we hope to see him soon. 

Candy –  Praise that our grandchildren are here visiting with us!  Also, Praise that Corina is Salutatorian of her graduating class!  



Suzanne – Thank you for all the notes for Jason! We’re mailing them gradually to him. Please continue to pray for him. Thank you!

Veronica –  My mom spent her first Mother’s day in 20 years in Kentucky with the rest of the family. She’s enjoying her time there.  

Gene –  Thank you for the prayers for our daughter, Amy. Please continue to pray for her. She is done with chemo, but her white blood cell count is low. Also, pray for her mother-in-law who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  

Judy – Please continue to pray for Garrett, that his right leg can be saved and that he can be moved to Houston. 

Harriet – Please continue to pray for strength and endurance for Scottie as he goes through a lot of tests today and al this week to try to get a definitive diagnosis. 

Terry –  Please pray for the Lathrop and Brigson family as one of my cousins passed away peacefully at the age of 65. He leaves behind a wife, Lillian, and children and grandchildren.

Tommy –  Praise that Pastor Matthew is having a wonderful vacation. Please continue to pray for his safe travels. 
Matthew  Please pray for my friend who will be having extended and complicated back surgery on the May 25th.

Please pray for our children and military families, & our country and leaders!



Kim – Praise that we heard from my mother in England!  Praise that our oldest daughter was spared from what could’ve been a horrible wreck this past week. Praise that a lot of decisions that we are having to make are coming to fruition. Please pray that the Lord goes before us on all decisions.  Please pray for Susan’s back, and also her friend, Leah, to get good results from a mammogram she had last week.

Judy –  Please continue to pray for Garrett’s healing…and the skin graph to be successful. Pray for his body, mind and spirit!

Please pray for Matthew as he travels. Pray for Miss Junell to have a good visit with her family. Please pray for our children, our military and our country and leaders!



Judy – Please pray for Garrett who was in an accident. His left leg is recovering, but his right leg is in jeopardy. 

Suzanne – Praise for last night here under the pavilion in spite of the rain. It was a good time! Please continue to pray for our grandson, Joshua, who has been in Utah now for 3 weeks getting the help he needs.

Tommy – Please pray for Matthew who is traveling. 

Please pray for our military, our country and our leaders!



Tommy – Thank you for the prayers for Gabe. We have seen many Blessings!  Please continue to pray for his complete memory restoration. 

Jerry F.  Praise for the Lord’s Light upon our path!

Mark – Please pray for Bonnie. She has 3rd degree burns on her back from over-exposure to a heating pad. 

Ed  Thank you for your prayers for our grandson, Jason. He is in his school facility to get the help he needs. Please continue to pray for him.

Please continue to pray for our children, our military, our country and leaders!



Ken – Please pray for our daughter-in-law, Kim, whose father just passed away. She lost her husband (our son) not even a year ago, so she needs our prayers for Peace and Comfort.

Linda – Please pray for my niece, Angela, who has a heart defect and will be going to the doctor for a procedure. 

Junell – Praise that Alan is doing very well after his heart transplant surgery. 

Please continue to pray for our children, the military, our country and leaders. 


Matthew – Tommy and Kathy are traveling. Thank you for the prayers for Gabe. Please continue to pray for the whole family and Gabe’s full recovery of his memory. 
Marsha – Thank you for your support during the antique fair! We praise God for His Goodness in sending people to us and all the opportunities to witness during the fair!
Kim – Please pray for the Lord to continue to go before Miss Lavonne as she prepares to move from Nevada to Oregon in May. 



Junell –  Allen K. had a heart transplant last Friday. He is doing well. Please pray for his healing.

Suzanne – Praise that our grandson, Jason, is here with us!

Bonnie – Please pray for a 3rd grade teacher, John W., who has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Matthew – A mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for her and the family. Please pray for our country and leaders!



Tommy – Gabe is doing very well, but still needs prayer for complete restoration of his memory. Praise that our grandson in Austin is being Christened today!

Veronica – Prayers for Alan K. who is in Methodist Hospital.

Suzanne – Our grandson, Jason, needs our prayers.

Joaquin – Pray for A.M.E.N. ministries. They needs volunteers to help with the food bank and distribution.



Matthew – Please pray for Diane, for healing. Also, prayers for safety and success during the antique fair!  Pray for all those traveling.

Junell – Please pray for my sister, Jean. She is in rehab in Bryan.

Terry – Please pray for the Bennell family (long-time family friends in Wisconsin). Debbie passed away from fighting cancer for the last couple of years. 

Kim – Please prayer for my friend, Kim’s family. Her brother, Rusty, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer about 6 weeks ago but passed away this past Friday. Please pray for the dynamics for the mom, Theresa’s future care. 

Pray for our military, our country and leaders!



Matthew – Continued prayers for Gabe’s progression in healing and the full return of his memory.  Prayers for Scottie W., as well.

Kim – Please pray for safe travels for our oldest daughter’s boyfriend, Al, as he goes back overseas to work for a couple of more months.

Linda – Please prayer for the preparations of the antique fair and all those involved…and for everyone to be safe and have fun!

Marsha – Please pray for Haley, a 3 year old granddaughter of a dear friend, who was diagnosed with Leukemia and in remission is having a bone marrow procedure.

Also, pray for the opportunity to share Christ during the fair! 

Please pray for our country and leaders!



Harriet – Praise that our grandson is coming home from Afghanistan soon!

Gene – Our daughter, Amy, is on her 5th of 6 chemo treatments and is doing fine, Praise the Lord!  Please pray for her to be cancer-free!

Joaquin – Our daughter and granddaughter were diagnosed with covid after a trip to Disney. Praise for our 55 years of marriage this coming Tuesday (Texas Independence day)!

Mark – Praise that our oldest granddaughter accepted Christ and will make her public confession of faith next weekend! 

Kathy – Thank you for the prayers for Gabe. They did testing, and they are hopeful that his therapy will continue to increase his memory. Continued prayers for him as he faces each day. 

Tommy – Prayers are needed for each other! 

Pray for our country and leaders!



Matthew –  Praising the Lord, we are Blessed!  We choose to have God’s  Love at work through adversity! 

Praise that Gabe’s recovery is happening but incremental small steps. Continue to pray for him and his family and the Orr’s traveling.

Kim –  My mother is England’s friend, John, passed away. Prayers for all of their circle of friends and John’s sons, also for my mother’s insulin to balance. 

Jimmy – Our oldest daughter and husband had covid, but the children did not get it. Praise the Lord!

Veronica –  Through all the hardships, the winter storm was beautiful! Praising the Lord for the silver linings and quiet time too.

Georgi –  Thank you for praying for me. I am better. 

Candy – In spite of plumber’s schedules being back-logged for three weeks with all the busted pipe damages everywhere, through a friend, a complete stranger came to our guest house and fixed our leak very quickly. Praising the Lord for that man helping so many people!

Please pray for our country and leaders, our public officials and servants, and the schools (teachers & children).




Kim – Praise that Terry’s sister’s husband Mike’s CT Scan came back clear!  Please pray for my mother in England and their circle of friends…their longtime friend, John, passed away. He was not a Believer, so please pray for Peace and Comfort for the friends and John’s family.  

Church – We continue to pray for our country. We pray for God’s peace, love and forgiveness to be received by all.

Church – We continue to pray for America’s military families.

Church – We pray for all those who are on the frontline of public service – Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Teachers, and Firefighters to name a few.




Suzanne – Pray for Scottie and Virginia. Scottie had a bad fall. He will be having several tests. Praise that our grandson, Jason, is here with us!

Gene – Pray for our daughter, Amy, who had ovarian cancer surgery and now is doing chemo. Her white blood cell count is down.

Corina – Praise that my friend, Shyann, is here today!

Terry – Pray for extended family of my sister, the Benell family. They have called in hospice for Debbie, who has been fighting cancer with the traditional medical way for 3 years now.

Joaquin – Pray for Georgi. She fell in the garden and is stiff and achy. Please pray for the LaGrange food ministry, AMEN. They will be working with the Methodist church this week.

David – Pray to lift-up our law enforcement, agencies and officers, for the Lord to cover them from the evil that is trying to openly harm them.

Matthew – Continue to pray for those who have had a loss, and continue to pray for our country!




Marsha – Praise that we have friends here visiting today!

Terry – Please pray for my brother-in-law, Mike, who is having a CT scan on Wednesday.

Kim – Please continue to pray for my mother in England, Valerie, to gain mobility in her legs and not have pain in her heels when she walks. Also, please pray for my friend, Kim’s brother, Rusty, who is here in Houston and has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophagus cancer. They will be operating this week then he will have chemo.

Tommy – Please continue to pray for our leaders, our country, our military and teachers and students.


Suzanne – Praises for Corina helping with the YouTube videos. It is good to see a young person asking questions. Praises for the Round Top Christian Media YouTube videos and our church.

Linda – Praise for Lindsey and Evan helping with the technology side of church.

Bonnie – Pray for our country and the new administration that is going against our Christian values. Pray for our leaders and our schools – teachers and our children.

Susan – Please keep my niece and her family in your prayers. Her father was undergoing surgery yesterday for a broken leg that he had broken in several places and had a stroke during the surgery. They are taking him off life support once they have organ donations in place.



Tommy – Thank you for all the prayers for our family! Please continue to pray for Gabe’s daily charge and for complete restoration of his memory. We praise God for all the Blessings throughout this journey!

Suzanne – Praise that our grandson, Jason, is here and also for our other grandson whose football team won the local championship.

Judy – Praise that my son, Ross, and his family as well as a couple with their 5 children are at the house. It’s been a Blessing to listen to young active Believers!

Veronica – Praise for those everyday Blessings like the snow and the children of the after-school program.

Harriet – Please continue to pray for a local family. All five of them have covid.

Kim – Praise!  We were able to reach my mother in England after church on the phone. She thanks you all for the prayers and asks for continued prayers that she will be able to move around better than she is doing right now.  Thank you!

Susan – Please pray for my brother-in-law. His mother, Pearl, passed.

Betty – Pray for the health of Virginia and Scotty and all their family.

Matthew – Please pray for Mark, who is recovering from heart surgery. Pray for our witness. Pray for the Lord to prepare us and to guide our words. Pray for a time to meet with a person.

Please continue to pray for our country and leaders and our military.



Matthew –  Please continue to pray for the Orr family, our country  and leaders, and for Peace. We praise the Lord for the rain!

Veronica – Praise the Lord for the YouTube videos Produced by Round Top Christian Media. Please watch them, if you haven’t. 

Kim – Praise that my birth mother in England in home without any covid. Thank you for the prayers for her!



Matthew – Continued prayers for the Orr’s and their family. Also, continue to pray for our country, especially this week and through-out the month.

Kim –  Please continue to pray for my birth mother, Valerie, in England. I haven’t heard from her since she called (before Christmas) and said that the hospital has diagnosed her with covid. Please pray that it’s inaccurate and that a re-test will be negative, so she’s able to go home.

Betty –  Please continue to pray for my sister, Linda. She is taking baby steps to a life of normalcy without her husband (Wayne) who was killed in a car accident.

Joaquin –  Matthew 25:31-46 says to feed our neighbors.  Please pray for the meal ministry, AMEN, in La Grange. They have a new facility and new partner church, so please pray for everyone involved for strength and endurance.