Prayer List

Veronica – Praise that it’s been a really good week, a really Blessed week!  
David – Please pray for my brother, Steve (76), (whose wife passed recently). He went to the ER for pain in his left arm which could be possible heart issues. 
Junell – Please pray for my niece, Debbie, whose husband passed recently from unique Alzheimer’s issues. 
Susan – Please pray for my niece’s mother-in-law, Judy. She is in the hospital with a cellulitis infection, and also please pray for my niece-in-law’s mother, Stephanie, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Also, please keep me in your prayers on Weds.; I will be having a root canal. 
Kim – Praising the Lord that we were able to video chat with my mother in England on Friday for over an hour!  She (Valerie) has diabetic issues, so please keep her in your prayers for health and wellness.



Matthew – Praise the Lord, we had 34 Samaritan Purse Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Pray for all the children receiving these boxes!

Pray all those traveling.

Pray for those that are sick and need healing.

Pray for our witness in love!
Matthew – Praise for the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child shoebox outreach! Pray for the children that will receive the boxes!
Harriet –  My sister passed away suddenly, so please pray for our whole family, especially my niece and nephew in Dallas.
Marsha – Please pray for David’s next oldest brother, his wife passed.  Praise for our visitors today! 
Veronica – Please pray for my aunt in Ohio that is in ICU with an aneurism. Praise that the school Thanksgiving meal went really great with all the parents and grandparents and families that participated. 
Karen – Praise for the community of this church! I should be able to be live here permanently within a year. 
Merinda –  Praise that God worked things well for the last group of guests that stayed at our place…God watched over everyone!
Pray for Michelle who broke her collar bone due to a car wreck.
Also pray for an upcoming wedding that will be at my place on Dec. 12th. 
Pray for my left leg to have movement and flexibility without restrictions (cysts). 
David – Pray for our military to be able to stay focused on our threats through these difficult times. 
Kim –  Praise that we heard from my mother in England, and also a Praise that Miss Lavonne is having her 85th birthday today
Matthew – Praise for the Samaritan‘s Purse Operation Christmas Child outreach opportunity!  Praise for the afterschool program and the children who are learning about Jesus!  Praise that John and Donna C. are here this morning!
Kathy Y. – Praise for all the visitors this morning!  
Merinda – Please pray for 2 guests for salvation, Jeff and Mark…and my dad, Gordon. Praise that my son is back in Texas and working for Citgo. Please pray for Susan…her right leg isn’t bending correctly, so pray that PT will help so she can still drive. 
Susan – Please pray for my 6 year old great niece, Gracie, who broke her leg a while back but is still not completely healed. 
Veteran’s Day is this Thursday the 11th!  Pray for our Veterans and their families!  


Nedra – A good friend’s husband passed. They are all strong Believers, but keep her (Marsha) and their family in your prayers. Please also pray for our daughter who will be having foot surgery this Thursday and staying here with us while she heals.
Suzanne – Please pray for Keith who had a stroke. Please pray also for his wife, LouAnn, through this time. Praise that we got to go see our grandson, Jason, and visit Jackson Hole with him. He’s doing well!   
Kathy Y. – Praise that it is my mother’s 84th birthday. She is in great health and is so positive and sweet!  Please pray that she continues to be healthy and well.   
Judy – So thankful for prayers, the means and ability during an incident involving a tire. God watches over us!
Merinda – Please continue to pray for my dad, Gordon. It’s only been 2 weeks since my mother passed away, and he has fallen. Prayers for my recent guests too…9 girls…for their health and safety. Thankful for God’s continuance in watching over my life!  I am thankful for this church and all the prayers!
Mark – Please pray for our daughter, Christy, and her family. They put a contract on a new house and have a contract on their house. It is a stressful time…

Kim – Praise the Lord for giving us a big beautiful double rainbow yesterday right out our front door for 20 minutes!
Veronica – Praise the Lord for the opportunity of watching the young girls play volleyball and seeing them grow this year.
Evan – Please pray for Corina. She has a kidney stone. 
Kathy Y. – Praise for the antique fair and all the people and friends who visit!
Nedra – Keep Our granddaughter, Sarah, and her husband, Benjamin (a pilot and airplane mechanic) in your constant prayers. They have been accepted into the Mission Aviation Fellowship, so they will start the mission work overseas in January.  


Kim From Susan: please keep Lavonne in your prayers. She has been in and out of the hospital with her heart. She is back at her assisted living community and keeping busy.
Merinda – My mom passed away this week. She was 91 years old. Please pray for my dad, Gordan, who is 92 years old. They were married for 68 years. Please pray for my sisters too. 
Kathy Y. – Praise the Lord for the beautiful sunset this morning! Praise for Nadine visiting us today as well!
Bill – Please continue to pray for Karen (in Indiana) who is in ill health. Pray for safe travel for family going to see here.
Ina – Praise that Parks and I have been married 13 years tomorrow!  


Matthew – Continued prayers for Joaquin as he heals from his eye surgery…and all those recovering from injury and illness.
Kim – Thank you for the prayers for my broken toe.
Merinda – Please pray for my mom, Lorie, who had a massive stroke. Please continue to pray for my parent’s salvation. Thank you for all the prayers for my week. Blessings were everywhere. I love this church and the answered prayers.
Jen – Eva would like to ask for prayer please for her dad (Kevin) who isn’t feeling well. 


Terry –  Continued prayers for Kim’s toe and foot to heal quickly.
Merinda – Please pray that I will have patience and faith that everything will come together for the show.
Junelle – Praise for the afterschool program and the bulletin board showing what the kids are learning. 
Bonnie – Praise for our grandson, Jordan, who is at 50% height and 35% weight now, so he’s making progress. 


Terry – Please pray for Kim’s injured toe to heal quickly.
Tommy – Praise for grandson‘s 1st birthday.
Suzanne – Thank you for the birthday card. Praise for Jason to see his mother.
Gene – Praise that our daughter, Amy, is over covid.
Merinda – Please continue to pray for my son, Nick, in New York.  Praise for my parents 67th wedding anniversary.
Kathy Y. – Please pray for safe travels to Santa Fe. 


Tommy – Praise for the afterschool program and seeing the children enjoy the program!
Merinda – Thank you for the prayers for Liz, my golf buddy, and also for Katy’s marital situation. My son, Nick, is adjusting to New York; he’s in upper state NY and is doing a lot of hiking.
Nedra – Praise that our daughter, Kendall, is here with us! 
Kim – Praise that we heard from my mother in England!  Also a praise, Susan is home from the hospital (on Weds.) in time for her birthday yesterday! She thanks everyone for their prayers!
Harriett – Praise that Stan is home from the hospital!
David – Pray for my close friend, Alex, who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his spine. He lives in Japan, but is a Believer. We’re praying for a miracle!
Kathy O. – Pray for our family this coming weekend as we gather for Ridge’s first birthday. Please continue to pray for Gabe.


Tommy – Pray for Matthew’s recovery, at home, from having a heart-stint installed in one artery.  Praise God for modern medical procedures.
Merinda – Please continue to pray for Katy who is going through a divorce; her husband is struggling with addictions.
Pray for many friends with addictions including children of a friend, Mark….and also prayers for Selina and Katerina as well.
Pray for the families of 2 different mothers who were pregnant, contracted covid and passed away, but the babies survived and are fine. 
Mark – Pray for our 9 year old granddaughter, Kinley, who was diagnosed covid, and prayers for her mom not to have it.
Ed – Praise for the Round Top Library Event being so successful and all the generosity. Prayers for no covid to spread.
Jiselle – Pray for our family friend, Jason, who had brain surgery.
Joaquin –  Susan said thank you for all the texts and prayers. She is doing better. She should be able to go home on Thursday.
Bill – Pray for Karen who has pancreatic cancer.


Nedra – Pray for my close friend, Sharon, who fell and broke her hip and her arm in two places. 
Veronica – Praises for the afterschool program. It’s great to see the children that grow-up in the program want to become helpers! 
Brenda – Pray for my older sister, Gail, who has been diagnosed with covid and has heart issues.
Matthew – Pray for those that are ill. Many of us know friends who are ill due to a common illness or in some cases Covid.   
The Lord knows all our family and friends. We lift them all up for healing and protection. 
Please pray for our military, their families, our schools and children, and our country and leaders. 
We are never separated from the LOVE of God!  


Matthew – Joaquin called and said that Susan is in the hospital with a muscle spasm disorder. Please pray for her healing!
Merinda – Thank you for the prayers for Liz; she is doing better! Please pray for Catie who is going through a horrible divorce situation. 
Betty – Praises that The Nazarene Fund has done really, really well rescuing Christians in Afghanistan!
Kathy – Praise that 5100 Christians has been rescued with The Nazarene Fund. Please pray for our state dept. and government. 
Gene – Our daughter, Amy, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer is through with the chemo. She was recently exposed to covid and has self-quarantined.  Please pray that she doesn’t get sick. Also, pray for all the veterans and soldiers.
Midge – Praise that we had our 59th anniversary last Monday!


Matthew – We continue to pray for Gabe, who is progressing slowly in recovery. Please pray for Bo; his wife, Joanie, passed away on Friday from pre-existing conditions after a covid diagnosis.
Marsha – Please pray for our friend’s granddaughter, Hayley. She’s 3 years old and leukemia has returned from last year. They will try chemo, but the doctors aren’t giving her but weeks to live. Pray for a miracle and her healing!
Ed – Our grandson, Jason, is back from 84 days in the wilderness. He has grown in his faith. He will be going to Logan, Utah for continued growth and his freshman year. 
Midge – Please pray for the Afghanistan situation. Also, donations may be given online to this link: to assist Christians being evacuated.
Merinda –  Please continue to pray for my son, Nick, in New York. He got a job with an oil company there but is missing Texas. Please pray for salvation for eleven people on my heart that need salvation and prayers for Liz. 
Judy – Garrett will be having a surgery on Tuesday. Please continue to pray for him and his mobility. 
Linda – Praise that Scottie and Virginia are here today! 


Matthew – Praise that Jen and her family arrived here safely!
Mark – Please pray for the schools and children going back to school.
David – Please pray for the terrible situation in Afghanistan. 
Lindsey – A few weeks ago, I asked y’all to pray for a nine-year-old boy named Thaddaues Rancourt who was waiting for a heart transplant. Well, this past Friday, a brave family said yes to organ donation in their time of grief, and Thaddaues went into heart transplant surgery yesterday afternoon. The surgery went well and the doctor said the heart was perfect for Thadd, but please be praying for his healing in this weeks to come, his family and also the donor’s family.
Susan –  Please pray for my friend, Leah, who will be having her cancer biopsy this week…that it will show her cancer is disappearing. 
Kim – Please pray for Pastor Darren Walter (from Current…A Christian Church in Katy) and his family as he suddenly lost his wife, Amanda, last week (to pneumonia) after a covid diagnosis on July 30th. They have 4 children…2 teenagers, and 2 young ones that they adopted a couple of years ago. Please pray for all of them including their church family and friends. 


Joaquin & Georgi – Praise that our grandson, Joaquin, is here visiting us! 
Ina – Thank you for the prayers for us as we traveled to Louisiana for my uncle’s funeral.
Merinda – Praise that my son, Nick, is back on the right track and got a job in New York. Please pray for my daughter, Victoria’s interior design business here in Round Top. Also, please pray for salvation for my parents and my sisters. Pray also for a friend, Joi, who works for the prison and another friend, Katie, who is going through a divorce.
Gary and Terri – Thank you for the prayers for our oldest daughter, Leslie. She is feeling much better and on the mend from covid.
David and Marsha – Our 11 year old grandson has been diagnosed with covid.
Matthew – Kevin’s father passed away. Pray for his family (the Broadbent’s). Pray for Kevin, Jen & Eva and Sara as they move to Texas this week. Sara starts at Sam Houston State U. this month.  
Kim – Please pray for Susan to get the proper help for her muscle spasms. 
Please pray for our country, our leaders and our military!


Veronica – Praise that my mom had a wonderful birthday this past week and also my aunt who turned 91, and my other aunt who broke her hip is doing well!
Matthew – Please pray for Jen, Kevin and Eva as they make the move soon from N.H. to here with 2 U-Hauls and 2 cars! Pray for all the transitions in life. 
Please pray for our country and military.


Matthew – Prayers for the Orr’s traveling and all those traveling. Pray for good care and safety for all the school children over the summer. 
Veronica – Praise for Friday night’s children event! It went great and was such a Blessing!  
Mark – Thank you for the prayers for our grandson, Jordan. He just turned 3 years old and is doing well. The doctors targeted his pituitary gland as the culprit. 
Betty – Praise for Pastor Matthew and the Word he brings to us every Sunday!
Susan – Please pray for my niece-in-law’s mother, Stephanie, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. 



Marsha – Praise for our friends that are here visiting with us!  

Judy – Praise that Garrett came home Saturday!  Please continue to pray for his healing.

Gene – Thank you for the prayers for our oldest daughter, Amy! Her white blood cell count is low now, so please pray for that to rise to proper levels. Pray for the people of Cuba. 

Suzanne – Thank you for all the prayers for our grandson, Jason. He just turned 15 years old and is doing well in the wilderness program. Please continue to pray for him and the next steps God has for him after this program ends.

David – Please pray for my sister-in-law, Jean, who is entering hospice care. 

Lindsey – Please pray for Thaddaeus, a sweet 9 year old boy who is waiting for a heart (transplant). 

Veronica – Please pray for all the kids attending this Friday night’s Summer event to be a fun time with great memories and hearts overflowing for Jesus!  



Veronica – Praise for mom being home and brothers being here and the music worship time with everyone last night here at the church!