Prayer List



Tommy – Thank you for all the prayers for our family! Please continue to pray for Gabe’s daily charge and for complete restoration of his memory. We praise God for all the Blessings throughout this journey!


Suzanne – Praise that our grandson, Jason, is here and also for our other grandson whose football team won the local championship.


Judy – Praise that my son, Ross, and his family as well as a couple with their 5 children are at the house. It’s been a Blessing to listen to young active Believers!


Veronica – Praise for those everyday Blessings like the snow and the children of the after-school program.


Harriet – Please continue to pray for a local family. All five of them have covid.


Kim – Praise!  We were able to reach my mother in England after church on the phone. She thanks you all for the prayers and asks for continued prayers that she will be able to move around better than she is doing right now.  Thank you!


Susan – Please pray for my brother-in-law. His mother, Pearl, passed.


Betty – Pray for the health of Virginia and Scotty and all their family.


Matthew – Please pray for Mark, who is recovering from heart surgery. Pray for our witness. Pray for the Lord to prepare us and to guide our words. Pray for a time to meet with a person.


Please continue to pray for our country and leaders and our military.




Matthew –  Please continue to pray for the Orr family, our country  and leaders, and for Peace. We praise the Lord for the rain!


Veronica – Praise the Lord for the YouTube videos Produced by Round Top Christian Media. Please watch them, if you haven’t. 


Kim – Praise that my birth mother in England in home without any covid. Thank you for the prayers for her!




Matthew – Continued prayers for the Orr’s and their family. Also, continue to pray for our country, especially this week and through-out the month.


Kim –  Please continue to pray for my birth mother, Valerie, in England. I haven’t heard from her since she called (before Christmas) and said that the hospital has diagnosed her with covid. Please pray that it’s inaccurate and that a re-test will be negative, so she’s able to go home.


Betty –  Please continue to pray for my sister, Linda. She is taking baby steps to a life of normalcy without her husband (Wayne) who was killed in a car accident.


Joaquin –  Matthew 25:31-46 says to feed our neighbors.  Please pray for the meal ministry, AMEN, in La Grange. They have a new facility and new partner church, so please pray for everyone involved for strength and endurance.

Matthew – Praise for the Christmas Eve Service and the opportunity to reach others!
Betty – Prayers for my sister, Linda. Her husband was tragically killed in a car collision.

Kim – Please continue to pray for my mother, Valerie, in England. She is still in the hospital. Pray that a second covid test is administered and is negative, and she’s able to go home. Thank you!



Matthew – Please pray for all those traveling for Christmas. Pray for our country and leaders.

Marsha – Please pray for our police officers and first responders during these times. Our son (in N.C.) is fine, but four police officers were killed. Please pray for the families. Pray for the Christmas Eve Service this week and the people that will attend. Tell and share the Good News of Jesus, the LIGHT of this world!

Linda – Prayers for everyone traveling to be safe and that we’ll go into the new year well.




Matthew – Continued prayers for Gabe. Pray for our country and leaders and those diagnosed with covid. Please continue to pray for Susan (and her family) whose 88 year old mom went to be with the Lord.

Kim – Please continue to pray for my birth mother in England who is still in the hospital. Praise that all tests have come back negative so far. She only sleeps and eats, so they’re trying to understand why she’s lost so much weight.

Junell – My granddaughter, Vanessa, is having gall bladder surgery on Tuesday. She’s only 21 years old. Please pray for all to go well.

Susan – Thank you for all the cards, phone calls, texts and prayers for my family! They are very much appreciated!




Matthew – Praise that Gabe is improving. He is playing music again. Please continue to pray for complete restoration of his memories. Please continue to pray for our country.


Kim –  Susan’s mom went to Heaven this past week. Please pray for Peace and Comfort for Susan and her family.


Bonnie – Please continue to pray for the schools and all the children to stay healthy for the upcoming Christmas break.



Matthew – Please continue to pray for healing for Gabe, and prayers for his whole family.


Mark – Praise that our grandson, Jordan, is doing well. The growth medicine is working.


Linda – Praise for Thanksgiving, and prayers for niece’s wedding that we’re having here this coming Saturday.



Matthew – Praise that there haven’t been an increase in deaths from covid respective to the number of confirmed cases.

Continued prayers for those families affected by covid and the medical teams. Continue to pray for our leaders and this election and the enemies of God’s Word!


Jason –  Praise for my grandparents who take care of me and bought me shoes to fit my feet!


Linda –  Please pray for Stan. His foot is swollen and painful, but we don’t know why. Please pray for answers and relief.


Judy – With Thanksgiving upon us, remember to count our Blessings!


Dave – Please pray for those in harm’s way…our military, CIA and others through the holidays!



Matthew – We continue to pray for this election and our leaders. Seek the opportunity to share Jesus with someone!


Tommy – Trust God!  He is in control! 


Betty – Pray for President Trump and the First Lady. Also, please continue to pray for our granddaughter, Maddie. She’s still having psychological issues. Also, praise that we are Blessed to be a good neighbor through our B&B!


Joaquin – We were Blessed to serve with the food pantry. 104 people came through. Winter time is hard for people, so seek opportunities to serve. Pass on the blessings!


Suzanne –  Praise that our grandson, Jason, is here today! He loves being here!


Marsha –  Thank you to the church and community for ministering to us and Blessing us through the antique fair time! Needs were met that we didn’t know we had. It was such a great opportunity to share Jesus, so we’re thankful for those moments!


Veronica –  This is the last week for our Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Boxes are due back at the church this coming Sunday, the 15th. 



Veronica – Praise that the kids are back in school and all the protocols are going great; huge positive!  There has been no outbreak of the virus at school. Remember, don’t live in fear! 


Bonnie –  Also, Praise for the kids being back in school! It’s a Blessing! We too in Giddings I.S.D. where I work have had very few cases. There has been no outbreak.


Joaquin – Praise! The beautiful weather is how I feel how the Lord has blessed our lives! Sarah, our son’s wife, is improving from covid. The daughter just got over it as well.


Betty – Please continue to pray for our granddaughter, Maddie. Praise for the antique fair and the delightful people we met who lodged with us.


Linda –  Please pray for Nina, the patriarch of a beautiful Christian family, who was in an auto accident and has severe brain injuries and is unconscious still. Pray for her recovery and healing and her family.


Kim – Please pray for my (birth)mother in England, Valerie, who is in the hospital with a fractured shoulder and in pain.


Judy – Pray for this election this week!


Matthew –  Continue to pray for  Gabe, who is recovering from a serious illness.