The Beleiver’s Church Alive

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Sermon Notes

.There is now known to exist over 6000 witness (text on Papyrus, parchment or velum) to the New Testament in whole books or portions. The earliest is from the last decade of the first century or the first decades of the second century (John 18:31-33 and  37-38) called P52. The P stands for Papyrus.  These manuscripts are studied by scholars around the world. There are no contradictions to the incarnation of God, the life of Jesus, the Cross, the Resurrection, The Ascension, or the ministry of the apostles. There are a few questions concerning the ending of the book of Mark 16:9-20 and a few other areas but these have no impact on the total truth of God’s Word. Of course, God’s Word is a complete document and every letter or book is woven into the whole.